Sorry Sir Barack Obama !!


Prity Goswami

Correspondent – Delhi Bureau

[email protected]


New Delhi, 27th January 2015:

Who says our security is inefficient?

Who says our security cannot perform?

Who says our security is inactive?

Before Barak Obama arrived from US in India on 26th January 2015 ….

Security Beefed up,

Intelligence : on High Alert

  • Security : Checked OK
  • Sniffer dogs : Checked OK
  • All forces : On the Job
  • CCTV installation : Checked OK
  • High rise buildings: Closed
  • Metro station: Curtailed

The whole taam – jhaam is something for now you have got familiar with! Barak Obama – on his way to India and the Capital left no stone unturned to fix the security arrangements. The whole Capital wrapped under tight shield of Para – military forces and sniffer dogs directly arrived from the U.S! Sounds like the America doubt our sniffers!

The list of security arrangements even got better when the personnel ordered that Mr. Obama’s food and drinking water would undergo a 3 layered Security check! 45,000 policemen; 15,000 CCTV cameras – 160 CCTVs installed at the Rajpath, a 3km stretched venue! What more security we need for a single VVIP!

These arrangements are something which I am not really bothered of! The issue which is fretting me is that, can’t the same safety and protection be installed & provided for the country. The same number of CCTVs can be installed throughout the city. The Rape – Capital can easily be transformed into a Safe – Capital! But the sentence goes like – Who cares! Rapes, Murders, Kidnapping or ….. are all for common man of this city /country but when it comes to the VVIP and VIPs, the security level remains the same or for some people it gets even more better. But I only think – if all these problems come to an end and the Capital improves its status, then how would the Government and the Political parties play their Election Game!

The Capital is shouting for protection Sir, but the Government is still scheduling its preparation – from weeks to months to years, the development is still under progress! But looking at the recent layout it seems that our country has got everything but still doesn’t want to bring things into play! Shear unwillingness! Great Government I must say! In the recent past, soon after the tragic incident – the terror attack in a school in Pakistan that killed 152 innocent school children our Hon’ble Home Minister conveyed to the people of this country that very soon all the schools would be equipped with on line CCTVs, Armed Guards with Walky Talky and many more ………. Nothing seems happening on it. Very soon the Government would forget every commitment.

Mr. Prime Minister! Do you really need to bring such big people in our country to showcase our strength and power? Instead of spending such huge sums after one man, spend your resources to develop India! These great people will definitely praise your achievements … sitting on their own chair… from their own states! Think of what would happen to our suffering lot, merely due to shortage of funds.


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