Oops! AAP – What a Corrupt Free Govt. !!

The AAP (Kejriwal) Govt is nowadays publicizing their achievements on televisions.

Here are a few of many things that show the good deeds of AAP Govt that claims to have given us a corrupt free Govt. One mustn’t get misguided by such publicity.

Nowadays, It’s very easy to entice illiterates in this country. What is said i may be an eyewash. Some people act like Gandhari and support someone BLINDLY. कट्टरता ने ही इस देश को बर्बाद किया है। 

AAP is doing pretty well in health, education, water, electricity and other area. Let’s see facts:

Health: a person not eligible, appointed Director of Dr GB Pant Hospital illegally. Met Dr Satyendra Jain, wrote several letters, but all went to drains. Ultimately, Hon’ble court issued directions to remove and appoint a deserving and Eligible candidate within six weeks. No action Despite court direction and ignored the regular demands of senior aggrieved doctor Dr DK Satsangi, the then HOD, Cardiac Deptt., through various media for more than fifteen weeks. Even today the hospital is being run by a temporary Director while several very senior and deserving doctors have attained superannuation. The wrong doers in Govt roaming escot free and enjoying their job.

The news published in news paper had no effect. Oops! what a corrupt free Govt.!

2.   Dr SP Jayant, removed overnight on 16.10.2015 from the post of Medical Superintendent at GB Pant Hospital posted since 04.07.2013. He was to retire on 31.03.2016. AAP Govt, no less than slapped Jayant with a removal letter and insulted him by replacing him overnight by with Dr SM Raheja who was, as informed, much junior to Dr SP Jayant. Jayant, next morning had no room to sit in the hospital where he was the MS last night.

Difference between Jayant’s regime and Raheja’s regime as observed:

Dr Jayant: room remained open for all at all times, Jayant used to check the OPD area, meet and resolve problem of every patient, whereas in Raheja regime the entry from the gate leading to MS & Director office is ban.

The news was published in media but were thrown in drains. Despite informing time and again no action was taken even to investigate the removal of a patient friendly MS. Now the present MS, on non availability of medicines, non functioning of Medical equipments, on patients deprived of treatment, informs that the MS is there to look after the administration of the hospital and not on shortage of medicines, non working equipments and patients deprived of treatment. Oops! what a corrupt free Govt.!


1.   Cambridge foundation school, Rajouri Garden:

Parents fought over  several issues & activities of school through Director of Education, Delhi Govt. All went to drains. On EWS issues DoE initiated no action. Since how CBSE functioning under Govt of India, heard and got some issues resolved. Oops ! What a corrupt free Govt.!!

2.   It has been found that the said Cambridge foundation school has employed staff who are not qualified to impart Education to our children – future of the Nation. But the Director of Education and his subordinate officers are sitting mum.  They do not initiate any action on the school. Imagine our children being given improper and defective Education by people who are not qualified to teach as per DoE guidelines & DSE Act & Rules. Oops ! What a corrupt free Govt.!!

3.   Swarn Public School, Khirki Extension, Malviya Nagar, is told to be running classes with several irregularities. The Dy. Director of Education, South district is avoiding to provide any information under RTI Act. The Regional Director (South) is fully aware but mum. Oops ! What a corrupt free Govt.!!

Editor say:

It’s out of reach of my head, as to what basically is the purpose of appointing Director of Education and it’s huge staff and senior subordinates. As far as my knowledge goes, It is basically to ensure not only smooth running of schools in Delhi, but what’s the ground reality? Most of the Schools are now seen to be commercialized. Schools are, as observed, being run for gains & profits. Irrespective of the type of produce they are giving to this country. Basically it is playing with our future as the children are our future. 

Several discrepancies have been observed in the functioning of the education departmen revealed under Right to Information.

1.  Violation of EWS guidelines in schools

2.   While according recognition to private schools none of the documents are verified or checked by the concerned officers and staff of the Education Deptt. Why – is a big question mark to be answered by the Deptt but the Deptt refuses to provide answers to our query illegally pleading that the govt has not authorized them to speak to the media. It is being clarified that an application was filled with the Delhi Govt seeking information in the form of certified copy of the instruction of office order or circular or any Govt notification which restrains them to speak to the media, it has been informed by the Govt that there was no such order of the Govt that exempts the Govt officers and restrains them to speak to media persons and provide information to our query.

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