NIRBHAYA – A character which every girl has to play!

Prity Goswami

Correspondant – Delhi Bureau

[email protected]


New Delhi 12th December 2014

“ I was one of the protestor during Nirbhaya Rape case… and after two years, I am the victim of the same “shame”! these were the words of the girl who was being beaten up, bitten and then RAPED by the Uber Cab driver.

A girl is still a girl in our Indian society, no matter what position she holds in her company! No matter how much she earns! No matter how high she holds her head in this male chauvinist society! A girl will always remain a girl!!!

Is this the result we got after the candle march we did for Nirbhaya? Is this the result of choosing a new government to run our country hoping that one day we, the girls will be able to breath in the fresh air – with respect, love and equality! We don’t want to be superior than men, we want to be treated as HUMANS!

The government decided to shut down all the online cab facilities, but is this the solution to the problem? Is this the end of the story? Will these shamefull and debase acts come to an end after putting a full stop to the facility? What about the girl who faced it? What about her self respect? Will she be able to get back to her normal life again? And… what about the man who did such a disgraceful act? Will he be given the punishment which he actually deserves or will be kept behind the bars and fast track courts will play the slowest game ever!!

This was just an article which does not involve any political views or aspect. It was an article which I wrote being a girl – a girl who has dreams to fulfil; who wants to stand high in this society; who wants to earn a position in her profession! But our system and society are enough to ruin my dreams! No “Gandhi” No “ Modi” government can unravel this problem by taking a single decision to change the policy and giving a lecture on “system” everytime. Its easy to fight inside the parliament, but its not easy for a girl to face the society after being raped!


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