Prity Goswami

Correspondent – Delhi Bureau

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New Delhi, December 20:

“Don’t put a crown on the clown and expect him to play the king” is going to be the sentence for the BJP this season. Still guessing for whom? Its for the “bhagoda” aka Kejriwal according to them. But if things are to be taken in a wide sphere, then the battle is not going to be so easy for the Modi battalion this time. No matter what BJP says, but somewhere they are also sure about the fact that this election is going to be a game changer for them, where Congress will just wait and watch the game from a distance. It’s a do- or- die situation for every party, giving the spectators a full entertainment!

Call him “bhagoda” or by any name, but AAP at least has a face for the Delhi Election. The problem for the BJP is after having made the national polls all about Modi, it does not have another charismatic personality around whom to build the Delhi campaign and it needs one. What we can expect this time is Dr. Harsh Vardhan will shift his power from Lok Sabha to Assembly again and will be the face of a promising CM of Delhi again? If surveys are to be trusted then if by chance Dr. Harsh Vardhan is going to happy wheels demo be the face of BJP, then Kejriwal remains the hands down favorite for CM in Delhi at 35%, way ahead of Dr. Harsh Vardhan of the BJP at 16 percent. Last election was termed as a “semi- final” by the BJP in order to bring Modi ji in Central, and people in real voted for Modi. But today Modi is in power and has already spent 5 months. So for now the BJP cannot blame anyone for poor infrastructure; women safe safety or price hikes of onions or tomatoes. The “Blame – Game” is over!

Ab toh Sheila haari hain, ab Modi ka baari hain” – the Kejriwal team

A flare up in Bawana or Trilokpuri can easily backfire especially if it looks like the BJP is in charge in the centre and unable to keep the peace in the capital itself. These riots will definitely give the AAP a chance to poke the Central and ask the dilliwalas to put this question in front of the BJP CM candidate. So whosoever is going to be the face, please make your preparation up to the mark!

So if by any way, the BJP supporters are super sure that “AABKI BAR MODI SARKAR” is again going to bring the tsunami in Delhi Assembly Election just like the Lok Sabha Election, then please for once give your surety a “second – thought”!

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