Prity Goswami

Correspondent – Delhi Bureau

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New Delhi, December 17, 2014:

“The smallest coffins are the heaviest… they went to school and never came back!”

How harsh can a human heart be? How debauched can humanity be? How evil a community can go in the name of freedom and independence? Is this what we can term as end of the world where humanity has been ruthlessly and brutally murdered!

“I think I passed out for a while. I thought I was dreaming. I wanted to move but felt paralyzed. Then I came to and realized that actually two other boys had fallen on me. Both of them were dead.” – Mohammad Hilal, a student in the 10th grade

16/11 – It was our land, our people and your weapons!

16/12 – It was your land, your people and your weapons!

I didn’t made this comparison to show that just because they were from other religion, from other side of the fence, they did this act of evil but to point out that they don’t have that much affection and love for their people even. It is just like killing your own family, own children, own blood! And you want to call them humans? They don’t even deserve the word ‘evil’!

“Satan’s successes are the greatest when he appears with the name of God on his lips.” – Mahatma Gandhi

They were small children! They were dreamers! They came there with dreams in their eyes becoming a leader tomorrow! And just a mere revenge towards the government left these children dead! And you want to call them humans??  They are cowards and they proved it by their atrocious and dreadful act.

Lowering the National flag to half mast and opening books of condolences won’t end the story. It’s time to get up! Stand together and fight against those venomous and heinous Satans of our society!

At least for once stop fighting against each other… fight for each other! Don’t count it as 196 countries… count as one strength and see how strong we become! Yesterday it was us! Today its you! And tomorrow it can be anyone but the reason is going to be the same for laying flowers on the coffins!

“Rest in Peace!”

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